Set Up & Take Down

How to Set Up

  1. Check ground for a flat level surface void of any rocks, sticks, pine cones, etc. (Anything that may puncture the bottom of the Inflatable). Also check height clearance for trees, power lines, or overhead obstructions.
  2. If you have tarp, it helps to protect the inflatable to spread it underneath before unrolling the inflatable. Unroll the Inflatable in the direction you wish the Inflatable to face.
  3. Unfold and Attach the Blower(s) to the “Port” (extended air hose / blower tube). The “Port” is generally located in the very back or on the sides of the Inflatable. Tie off any additional “Ports” by turning the material clockwise and tying the Port to itself. (Rope can also be used to close off additional Ports. Some Inflatables allow you to tuck away additional ports).
  4. Close All Velcro / Zipper compartments.
  5. Attach heavy extension cord(s) from power source. (Designate One 20 amp fuse for each Blower. Generally, this equates to One 110-volt Outlet for each Blower.) Use 14 gauge or heavier extension cord(s) that extend No More than 100 feet from the Inflatable to the power source. (The lower the gauge number, the thicker the cord. Most household / garden extension cords are 16 gauge (Not Sufficient enough) and can harm the blower- reducing the air source to the Inflatable.)
  6. Turn the Power on. (Some Blowers have an On/Off switch located on the blower.) While the Inflatable inflates- Check to make sure no air is escaping vents or ports.
  7. Check to make sure the Port (air hose) leading to the Blower is not twisted.
  8. Secure the Inflatable by staking the unit on corners. Drive stakes half way in at a 45 degree angle away from the inflatable. For larger Inflatables tie-outs will need to be staked.

Safety Instructions / Operation

  • The Inflatable should not be operated if winds exceed 20 mph.
  • The Inflatable should not be used in rain or lightning conditions.
  1. Adult supervision is required at all times. Never leave the Inflatable unattended or unwatched.
  2. Most Inflatables only allow 4-5 Guests on the Inflatable at a time. (Check Inflatable Instructions)
  3. Guest must remove shoes, pocket items, glasses, jewelry, etc.
  4. Diving and flipping are strictly prohibited. No back flips, roughhousing, horseplay or bouncing against walls. Guests should not take unnecessary risks.
  5. No food, drink, or gum on or in the inflatable.

How to Take Down

  1. Check for any loose items left on the Inflatable. (Sweep or vacuum where appropriate.)
  2. All Guests should be clear of Inflatable- Including: stakes, flagging, weight bags, etc.
  3. Turn Off or Unplug Blower. Disconnect the Blower from the Inflatable.
  4. Open All Velcro / Zipper Flaps, Vents, and Ports to allow air to escape and the Inflatable to deflate. Deflation time varies on the Inflatable (10 – 20 minutes).

How to Roll an Inflatable

The Key to a Good Roll is to fold the material neatly in to the middle of the Inflatable.
  1. Fold all material toward the middle of the Inflatable and find the bottom seams of the Inflatable.
  2. Fold the Inflatable like a large bed sheet. Be sure to tuck all colorful designs inside your folds to avoid contact with the ground.
  3. Fold sides in 2-3 feet lengthwise.
  4. Continue to fold Inflatable from the outside-in until folded layers overlap leaving a fold of 2-3 feet.
  5. Tuck in any extra material. (Leave Ports out to allow air to escape as you roll.)
  6. Walk air out of the Inflatable by walking on the Inflatable towards the Port (Blower tube). (Doing so pushes air and allows air to escape.)
  7. Where the Inflatable roll is to end- tuck in rope or strap 2-3 feet underneath Inflatable that is to be used for tying. (Doing so will allow you to not lift the entire roll to tie off.)
  8. Begin rolling from the furthest point away from the Port (Blower tube). (Doing so pushes air to escape as you roll.) Roll as tightly as possible. Keep the roll lined up, tuck any in extra material, and do not allow any part of the roll to sag. Slack rolls are difficult to move. Take your time and roll it tight.
  9. Tuck in Ports (Blower tubes).
  10. Tie off roll with rope or strap. Tuck in hoses and any extra material. Place in bag when applicable. (Placing in a Bag: Turn Inflatable to a “standing position”, pull bag from the top down to ground level. Rotate Inflatable in bag for transportation.)