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This product is very heavy! Bring your own crew to load and unload it.



56 x 11 x 12 feet. This is a commercial unit that we had custom made. It is two pieces at 275 lbs each piece. It is here and it is beautiful. Good for individuals up to 250lbs. Call for delivery options.

Approx. Dimensions:

Piece 1

Length Width Height Weight
31 ft 11 ft 7 ft 280 lb

Piece 2

Length Width Height Weight
25 ft 11 ft 12 ft 270 lb

We had a similar unit for a couple of years and just purchased a new one on December 3, 2019.

If you select delivery- which includes delivery, set up, tear down and pick up- at checkout the base delivery for dry usage is $80 within 5 miles and goes up from there. Insurance is only included on this item with delivery. If you rent more than one inflatable the most expensive delivery is full price, the rest are half price.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Supervise children at all times
  • Follow rules on the side of inflatable- feet first, no flips…
  • Pick up and drop off on time
  • Return it in the same condition you got it (if you rented it wet, it doesn’t have to be dry, just clean)
  • Bring your deposit and rental payment at pick up
  • Check and make sure the area you will use the inflatable on is clean
  • Read the contract before you electronically sign it
  • If you are using somewhere other than your home, check with the location and ask if they need an additional insured certificate. We can do that but we usually need two days to request it.
  • Bring help to load and unload your inflatable at pick up and drop off, sometimes we have help but not always
  • Properly anchor the inflatable. We provide stakes for grass and sandbags for hard surfaces.
  • Contact us for delivery prices if you are interested
  • Have a great time, and spread the word
  • Feel free to call us if you have questions (816)508-7107


  • Leave children unattended
  • Get Face Paint, Silly String, Wet Tissue Paper, Sand or Glitter on or in the inflatable
  • Use the inflatable in the rain or high wind
  • Be late to drop off ($1 a minute late fee), this will not give us time to clean and disinfect for next user
  • Allow children in the inflatable with footwear or sharp objects
  • Bring food and drinks in to the inflatable
  • Allow pets in or on the inflatable
  • Leave before getting your deposit back. We may need  your help putting it up, and away after we clean it. That is part of the contract and how we can keep our prices so affordable.

Additional information

Weight 550 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 11 × 12 in