A $100 deposit is required for each inflatable reservation, the price for other items vary so please check the product descriptions. At pick up, I will collect the rental cost and deposit. The deposit may be cash or check. We do ask that you write your license number on the check and we will ask to see your license to confirm that it is correct. We can also do credit cards now, but there is a 5% fee for those. For cash deposits, we will make a copy of your license. This is new, because a friend has had one stolen and we want to learn from her mistake. I do not accept credit cards for deposits at this time. When you return the inflatable and/or equipment clean and on time I will return your deposit to you.

Reasons To Keep Your Deposit

  1. It is returned in worse condition than it went out in.
    Examples: tears, rips, stains, popped (most, if not all of these caused by individuals not abiding by the safety rules, of adult supervision, left out overnight, or weight restrictions not observed)I am aware of what is caused by normal wear and tear and will not hold your deposit for this. If the damage is more than the deposit will cover, I will let you know.
  2. Late
    if I miss a reservation, or keep a customer waiting because it is returned late, I will cash the check and return the difference once the check clears.
  3. Cleanliness
    If an inflatable is returned dirty, I will charge a cleaning fee ranging between $20-$75 depending on the time necessary to make the inflatable usable again for the next customer.

I do charge $40 for bounced checks as well as the court fees if a deposit check is not good. I do have surveillance on the area to verify times…

In the past, I have only retained two deposit checks: one because it popped, due to weight restrictions not being observed and the other when it was left out overnight.

Thank you so much for understanding and if you have any questions feel free to give me a call. (816) 508-7107.