Delivery Information

Delivery for outdoor events is only available while the sun is still up.  

  • Our last schedule pick up is 30 minutes before sunset, we have to be able to see to inspect the inflatable for damages.

If you are interested in delivery, please put that in the cart.  

  • We will then contact you to arrange times.
  • We will need to know what time you want us there, what time is the event, and what time do you want it picked up.
  • We will also need to know how close the nearest power source is, and whether it will be used on a hard surface or on the grass and whether they can drive directly to where it is being set up or if they will need to cart it to the location.  
  • If you are using the unit wet, where the closest spigot it. The area does need to be free of debris before they get there.

The delivery crew will arrive.

  • They will meet with you and do the appropriate paperwork.  
  • Deposits are still required even with delivery.
  • They will then set up the inflatable, inspect it and do a quick test run.  They will then leave.
  • When they return, the inflatable needs to be inflated and free of jumpers.
  • They will then inspect it and clean it onsite.  
  • They will then deflate and roll it, checking the bottom as they do so.
  • They will then return your deposit, as long as there is no damage, and load it up and haul it off.

The same rule applies to delivered inflatables as those that are picked.

  • Inflatables must have adult supervision at all times.
  • Rules on the side of the inflatable must be adhered to.
  • NO FACE PAINT, SAND, SILLY STRING, WET TISSUE PAPER or GLITTER. We have this last rule because we have learned from experience. All of these are very difficult to remove, if at all.

The rate is based on the item you choose and the distance from the shop.  If you are outside the 15 mile limited stated on the website, call us for prices (816) 508-7107.  Also if you are renting multiple inflatables call us for discounted rates.

Thank you