This product is very heavy! Bring your own crew to load and unload it.

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Dimension L*W*H (ft.) : 19.5′ X 9′ X 11′ Max Players: 2 Max Gross Weight: 400 lbs Product Weight: 146 lbs

12-foot Tall Safari Slide is a fun way for adults to interact with kids. The slide is also a perfect attraction that takes any birthday party, family gathering and company event into a whole new level of fun. The slide is made with commercial strength, lead-free and fire retardant vinyl. Comparing with traditional nylon material, vinyl is up to five times stronger for its tear strength, will not fade in color due to long UV exposure and will not wear out over time causing the loss of inflation. The water resistant feature prevents mold from penetrating through the material and can be easily cleaned to ensure the health of all users. The slide is a combination of safety, user experience and innovation.

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Weight 146 lbs