This product is very heavy! Bring your own crew to load and unload it.

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$135 dry, $155 wet. Good for individuals under 250 lbs. The All American style inflatable combo bounce house is one of our newer creations and it has quickly become popular among boys and girls everywhere. Can you say, “4th of July”, anyone? This unit is our largest non obstacle combo. It can be used wet or dry and rents out very quickly around any patriotic holidays. It is one of only two inflatables combos that we have that has a covered bounce area, this keeps the area from getting excessively hot in the summer months. The bottom is detachable and changes depending on whether you use it wet or dry. Length: 36′ Width: 13′ Height: 14′ This is a one piece unit and weighs around 300lbs.

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Weight 300 lbs