Pick Up & Drop Off


Pick up is from my home in Lee’s Summit between 9:15-10:05 the day of the rental. When you make your reservation you will be asked to select a ten minute block when you will be picking up. Pick up is not first come, first serve but rather by time slot and then first come, first serve within that time slot. Drop off is the next day between 7:55-8:45, the next morning, same procedure. If these drop off times do not work for you, you may call and make an appointment for an earlier drop off. Keep in mind, if you drop off after dark we cannot check the inflatable, therefore your deposit will be either mailed to you; your check voided or destroyed, and a photo of it sent to you electronically, your choice.

During the school year, the times vary. If you are not available during any of the times listed, select one, call me at (816) 508-7107 and we will find a time that does work.

It is very important that all items come back on time and have been taken care of so that the next renter can use them right away and have a wonderful party also. If they are late and cause another renter to wait I will retain a portion of the deposit. If I lose a reservation because it is late being returned, I will retain the complete deposit.

At pick up, you must sign the waiver before I will allow the items to be loaded. At pick up I need a $100 deposit (check or cash is fine for that) and the rental fee, sorry no personal checks or credit cards for that one. If I don’t have both of these I will not be able to let them go. Typically, my daughter has a table set up out front and will take care of your deposit and rental fees before loading.

The residential inflatables come in a large duffel bag complete with blower and stakes that will fit in a standard sized car. Commercial inflatables require two individuals who can lift the 250lbs inflatable for both pick up and drop off. A truck, minivan or large SUV will also be necessary for commercial inflatables. At drop off you will be required to stay and help me sanitize and prep the inflatable for storage. Typically, this takes 10 minutes, but the obstacles courses and Red Slide may take up to 30 minutes.

Please follow all safety rules. These are the three most likely to cause injury or lack of deposit refund: children must be supervised, weight restrictions must be observed, and don't leave it outside overnight.

At drop off, I will quickly put the inflatable up in my yard, check that it is clean and for damage. Wet is okay, dirty is not. I will then return your deposit. For more details on the deposit, please read the page dedicated to the deposit.

I will clean the inflatables when they are returned, but they should be free of debris, mud and dirt upon arrival. Wet is fine if it is a wet inflatable, but a $5 drying fee will be charged if an inflatable that does not use water is returned damp or wet. If an inflatable is returned excessively dirty, a cleaning fee will be charged based on how long it takes us to make it rentable again.

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